Pre-Adoption Counselling

The arrival of a baby – be it biological or adopted, is one of the most joyous occasions of all.

As we all know, with biological children, the process of integration is natural and spontaneous, with everything falling into place on its own. This does not hold true in the case of an adopted child. The journey to bringing home a baby can prove to be extremely confusing with prospective adoptive parents finding themselves on a rollercoaster of emotions. Thus, a little more preparation is needed so that they can enjoy this occasion to the fullest.

Pre-adoption counseling helps the prospective adoptive parents get a clear picture of the legal requirements of adoption as well as the background and needs of the child they are going to bring home. This includes understanding and accepting –

  1. the legal procedure
  2. the circumstances under which the child was born or placed for adoption
  3. the position of the birth parents
  4. the medical profile of the baby
  5. family history (if available)

The counseling session would also address issues related to –

  1. parenting
  2. acceptance issues among family / friends
  3. communication and sharing of the fact of adoption with the child
  4. questions asked by people
  5. general issues that are likely to crop up at any time

In addition to these aspects, the counselor also takes into consideration the reason for adoption and the history of the prospective adoptive parents. Most adoptions occur due to infertility issues or the loss of biological children. Thus, it is the counselor’s duty to make sure that the prospective adoptive parents have come to terms with such issues before adopting a child since prior experiences may have an impact on parenting. Similarly, assessing the state of mind of prospective adoptive parents who have consciously chosen adoption over pregnancy is also part and parcel of the counselor’s responsibilities.

Moreover, open discussion helps prospective adoptive parents assess if they are truly ready to go ahead with the adoption process and do justice to the baby they would take home.

All these factors are essential to ensure that bonding and adaptation take place in the fastest and most natural way possible. The counseling sessions also prepare the prospective adoptive parents to face any challenge that may come up along the way, thereby increasing the success rate of adoptions.

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