Child Referral and Acceptance

The child referral phase has most prospective adoptive parents on pins and needles, with each one of them dreading the thought of having to choose a child. Almost every adoptive parent will tell you that they prayed that they would get a sign that the first baby shown to them was meant for them. However, this may not always be the case.

The agency tries to assign a child which best suits the general description that the prospective adoptive parents had provided (if any) at the time of registration.

The prospective adoptive parents and then asked to come to the agency to see the child physically before accepting him or her.

All the known unidentifiable background details listed in the Child Study Report and the Medical Examination Report are shared with the prospective adoptive parents. The prospective adoptive parents may take the child for a medical examination to a pediatrician of their choice to confirm the medical status of the child.

If the prospective adoptive parents decide to adopt the child shown, they sign the Child Study Report and Medical Examination Report within ten days of seeing the child, to show their formal acceptance.

If the prospective adoptive parents do not accept the child, two more children may be shown to them. If either of them are not accepted, the agency will reconsider the prospective adoptive parents for child referral only after three months, following the date of the last referral.

If the prospective adoptive parents are considering an older child – a child aged seven years or above, the consent of the child plays a vital role in the process too.

It is very important for prospective adoptive parents to be completely satisfied with the medical status and background of the child before accepting him or her. One must keep in mind that no child comes with a ‘trial period’ and the decision of the prospective adoptive parents has the ability to affect the child’s life. Thus, if the prospective adoptive parents are not sure of themselves or the child, they should think about it thoroughly before making a decision. 

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