– Petronella Eates

Married a few months, we had been,
To have a child, we were keen.
Life was filled with joy untold,
A son to be, would soon unfold.

But soon, as it was written, sorrow unveiled,
As in the fourth month, my pregnancy failed.
Grief unexplainable followed that year,
And all I could do, was shed a tear.

Then, as was planned, like the song of a lark,
New life I sensed, after the dark.
Hopes and a fresh future, built on a dream,
A ray of sunshine, a bright new beam.

A girl it would be, to laugh and play,
A little girl who would dance and sway.
But, that too, was never meant to be,
Proven, when in the third month, she was taken from me.

All I could feel was rejection and pain,
Life, as I had known it, shattered again.
Why, I asked the Lord, He had done this to me?
Why, yet again, had He grabbed life from me?

I heard no answer, clearly could not see.
The pain like slow death, was eating into me.
Had I done wrong, how had I failed?
Away, from the Lord, had I sailed?

And then, deep inside me, I heard a voice,
Many years ago, I had made a choice.
On bringing home an angel, once my life was set,
Now, was it the right time, to search for my pet?

The answer to this, I received in a blink,
Now was the moment, no wasting time to think.
We started a journey, oh so long,
Would time fly by, just like a song?

The wait seemed so long, never ending,
Waiting for a sign that my child, He was sending.
Then, out of the blue, on a dull summer day,
Received a call that made me say.

‘I think God’s plan is about to unravel,
As per destiny, our life will unscramble’.
Every time we thought of her, our heart skipped a beat,
The next day we were scheduled, her to meet.

The moment we saw her, it was a true miracle,
Magic dust on us, had she sprinkled?
In our hearts, we at once knew,
This was our baby, this was the cue.

How could I have doubted Him, He knew us so well,
What would bring us great happiness, who better could tell?
Now, we are a family, my life feels complete,
No wait, our next child, we yet have to meet.

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