A New Arrival

The first time I heard about him,
My joy knew no bound.
I couldn’t wait to get home,
To tell everyone he was around.
It was too special an occasion,
To experience on my own,
I decided to wait until the next day,
To meet him, when I wasn’t alone.
By the end of that day so dear,
My excitement,
Gradually began to change to fear.
To my dismay – in my head,
Doubts began to rise,
Happiness, on my face,
Turned into a clever disguise.
I couldn’t understand
Why I was feeling so,
Afraid that I would never be able to love this angel,
As much as I did before.
Questions arose –
Did I have love to go around a second time?
Or did my heart hold space,
For just the first child of mine.
Would I be able,
To treat him as my own?
Or would I end up having negative feelings,
Leaving him alone?
And then, when I saw him for the first time,
My heart did skip a beat.
Those feelings I tried to keep at bay,
Started fading, soon after that meeting sweet.
His eyes were so huge and questioning,
As if asking if we were to be,
His tiny, frail frame so delicate,
A hand reaching out for me.
A lie, it would be, if I said,
It all seemed perfect and fine,
More worried about my firstborn I was,
Than about the child, who was to be mine.
Over the next few days,
My fears were put to rest,
When he cuddled his way into my heart,
And clung close to my chest.
My daughter did the talking,
And welcomed him into our home,
She loved him from the very start,
This left no doubts, he had completed the mould!

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