A Mother’s Fear

– Petronella Eates

As I stand and look ahead,
There are so many questions in my head.

This little baby, oh so cute,
Will she be able, to handle the truth?

What will she say? What will she think?
What will she feel? When in, it will sink.

When she is ready, what will I say?
May it be enough, to comfort her, I pray.

About her birth mother, what will she ask?
What will I do, when faced with this task?

Why was she given up? When she will question,
Will I be able to give an answer sufficient?

Will I stand firm, and honestly answer?
Or will I shake, stutter and then shiver?

Her mother to find, if she wants to start a search,
Will I be the one, the details to merge?

As the days fly by, and the time draws near,
I pray to the Lord, to make it all clear.

To give me the strength, in the storm to stand calm,
To hold her together, in the shelter of my arms.

Will He keep us strong, to withstand the gale?
Through the tempest, may we not fail.

May she be able, to make sense of it all,
And at the end of it, may she stand tall.

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  1. Beautifully expressed.

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