Our God-Given Gifts

by Gladys D’Souza

When I came to know that my married daughter, Adele, was suffering from endometriosis, both my husband and myself started praying for her to be cured by the power of God’s goodness and mercy. After a year or two, my daughter and son-in-law, Selby, told us that this condition could lead to an inability to conceive. This was a sad day in our lives, but as our children showed a positive attitude towards life, we too looked forward to some solution to this medical problem. Some time later our children informed us that they had decided to adopt a baby.

Having earlier encountered adoption in two friends’ and a neighbour’s families, we were quite open to the idea, though we did feel a bit sad that this meant that our daughter may not have any biological child at all in her lifetime.

We already had two biological grandchildren from our son and daughter-in-law, and looked forward to the new addition to the family by way of an adopted child for my daughter and son-in-law. Our prime objective was to see them as happy parents. We were very impressed by the way our daughter prepared her nephew and neice for the ‘non-tummy’ baby that was due to come into the family.

Came the day… and when the baby arrived, we all started seeing a resemblance of my daughter’s face in her. All that we knew and were concerned about was that the baby was ‘ours’ from now on. An automatic feeling of love, care and protection towards the baby girl came to us. We were not concerned about the antecedants of the child and were simply happy that the child was confirmed free from any known disease at the time of adoption and was healthy. As Christians, we firmly believe in God’s love and mercy and simply prayed in all faith that the Holy Spirit filled the child at baptism and protected her from all evil. The rest was in our hands….to love and care for her and guide and mould her into the person we wanted her to be. God’s love would help us make this happen, we strongly believed.

A year and a half later, Adele & Selby decided to adopt their second baby and though we were apprehensive about how they would manage both of them…they took the step and today we also have an adopted grandson who is a handsome, chubby chap! At last, their family is complete and happy. It is so satisfying to see the four of them cherishing each moment of their time together happily.

Esther and Lucas Pereira (our adopted grandchildren) bring the same joy into our lives as our biological grandchildren do. All the four are our god-given gifts.  Their talents will be groomed equally and they will blossom into their teens and adulthood in the years to come. This is our dream and God will help us in these our efforts. If the other parents who earlier adopted could do it…so can our children…with our full support and….with the grace and help of God Almighty!

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