Letters of Love

This section holds letters actually written by birth mothers / other relatives to babies given up for adoption.

Letter 1
From a Birth Mother

My dear baby,

I am one of the most unfortunate mothers in the world because I will not be able to take care of you.

Don’t ever think that I am not worried about you because I have given you up for adoption. I will always pray to God that wherever you may be in this world, you should be happy and leading a good life. I want you to be educated and to become a successful person in life.

My wish for you is that you be in safer hands. Study well, concentrate on your life and don’t do anything wrong. I am an engineer but I don’t insist on you becoming one too. Choose your career well and be what you want to be in your life. My only request to you is that you don’t let your life go waste.

Don’t ever think that I am not concerned about you. I am always there for you, not physically, but will always pray to God for a good life for you. I will love you always, my sweet baby. I want you to be happy always.

My love to you always,
From your dear mama


Letter 2
From a Birth Mother

Dear baby,

I am sorry that I am not able to accept you in my life and give you all that you deserve – which is my responsibility as a mother. But, I wish with all my heart that you get nice parents and a family that will take good care of you. I wish you get a good family like I have, that have supported me at every step of my life.

I want you to be strong and independent in life. I hope you get the best education. I personally want you be become a civil engineer but be happy in life and be satisfied with whatever you get. I know you are going to be very lucky for yourself and your family as your stars are going to be very strong.

Wish you a bright future and a healthy and happy life.

(To whoever adopts him, a request to you people – please never in his life make him realise that he is an adopted child. Give him your complete love.)


Letter 3
From an Elder Sister

I, your elder sister, am writing this letter to you.

Please forgive us but, we have done all this for your good. Henceforth, you live your life in peace with satisfaction and happiness.

It is with great pain that we are doing this and while doing this we have made our hearts strong and taken this decision. One person has made a mistake but you have to suffer the consequences of it. We will never ever forget you.

I have full faith in Shri Swami Samarth and therefore, I have named you Samarth. Trust in Shri Swami Samarth and your future will be bright. Become a good man. In your lifetime, don’t make any mistakes.

Now, you will get a more loving mother than this mother and you will get parents who you deserve. Don’t do anything that will spoil their name. Whichever home you go into, adapt well to them. Never hurt their feelings. You will never be alone; Shri Swami Samarth will be with you always. Mummy’s love, affection and blessings are with you. The love of your two sisters is also with you.

We wanted you but because of some reasons, we had to take this step. What we have done is good. As they say – whatever is done, is done for the best. You will get a better home than ours. Enough now. Go live your life.

Your sister


Letter 4
From a Birth Mother

My dear child,

I don’t know what to write to you. It is in my destiny to leave you and go. I hope that you will understand me.

I hope that you are very successful in life and that you make a name for yourself. It is my wish that you study hard and become a great beautician someday. I also hope that you are talented in fields such as rangoli, dancing and singing. I am sure that you will earn a good name.

My blessings are with you always.

Your mother


Letter 5
From a Birth Mother

Dearest Dhanashri,

I have wronged you and I ask your forgiveness for that. I had no option but to leave you and go. But, I know that if I leave you here, your life will be better.

I am so unfortunate. Even though I want to, I cannot stay on and see you growing up. Even though you are close to my heart, I can’t stay around to know the desires of your heart. I can’t even share my sorrow and tears with anyone.

You are as precious as gold. Because of the circumstances you cannot remain my treasure chest. But, I know that you will brighten up the place you go to. This is my blessing for you.

God be with you, be victorious and successful!

Your mother


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