My Daughter – My Pride & Joy

my storyAdoption is the alternative form of giving birth to a child. When you adopt a child, you become its adoptive parents. Adoption is not all that easy. There is a certain process which involves specific laws. But getting to know the child and being familiar with him or her will guide you through the rest of the process.

Adoption is based on unconditional love that inspires the mother to put herself last and do all she can for her baby.

My husband and I decided to go in for adoption after a couple of years of marriage, after medication on both of us bore no results.  My husband was ready to go in for adoption but I was the one who delayed it. But now, I am the happiest, proud mother in the world.

We went to many adoption centres to check the rules and regulations and the procedure for adoption. At some adoption centres, we met the children and it was such a sad sight. My eyes filled with tears on seeing so many children in the adoption centres.  Children of all ages were there, even new-born babies. ‘How could one do such a thing to a new-born baby?’ is a question I couldn’t help asking. After visiting a few adoption centres, we made up our minds to go in for adoption and give life to a child; we preferred a girl child.

A God sent man by the name of Mr. M. K. Agarwal – the owner of Residency Club, Pune (who is no more in this world, may his soul rest in peace) helped us. He was my brother-in-law’s boss.

We registered with the adoption centre by paying a minimum fee as registration charges.  Then the process of documentation started. We had to gather a whole lot of documents – it was a tedious job but we did this with enthusiasm and put in all our efforts to gather the documents. Once the documentation was over, came the home study – a person from the institute came home for the home study and asked us various questions.  Thereafter, a report was prepared and then we had to wait for nearly a year.

One day, we suddenly got a call to come and select our child. We were overjoyed and went immediately to the centre.  While we were waiting, we prayed to God and Mother Mary that we like the first child they show us. At the agency, it was a rule to show three children and then we had to choose one from the three.

At last the wait was over. There came a beautiful baby – fair, chubby, bubbly and smiling; about nine months old (we were given a child according to our age). As soon as we saw her, we both liked her at first sight. We said yes to this child and did not want to see any more children.

From the day we saw her, our life changed. My husband used to go every day to visit her and be with her.  I used to go every Sunday and on holidays to meet her. The time spent at the centre with her was wonderful. Tears used to fill my eyes to see her and other children at the centre; it was such a sad sight. ‘How can someone do such a thing to these little angels?’ is what I always wondered.

At last, the girl child was handed over to us, through a small handing over ceremony. We had carried clothes and shoes to change her into our attire.  The fair, beautiful child was handed over to us and we took her home.

I still remember, when we gave her milk and food to eat, she used to drink milk and eat food so fast and seemed so satisfied. The first night with us, she really slept peacefully, all by herself (at the adoption centre, one bed was shared by five to six children).  I had taken leave from work, for some time, to be with her. I really felt like a mother, doing all the things a biological mother would do.

I really enjoyed each moment of bringing her up and am still enjoying it.  It is rightly said, “The Environment Makes a Child Grow”. We are really lucky to have this child in our life. I think, maybe, it was because of our good deeds and the prayers of the elders, that God blessed us with this talented child.

She is god-gifted with talents, good-looking, has leadership qualities, is good in studies, loves to be with friends, takes part in all activities, is very friendly and makes friend easily. At school too, she takes part in all the activities, has a good ability to grasp and everyone loves her a lot.

She walked the ramp and was declared the first runner-up in a beauty pageant when she was 3.5 years old. She has acted in English plays, on stage and she is a good singer and dancer.  In school, she is always chosen to read during morning assembly and for various dances and dramas. She has been a monitor in every grade, in school. Every year, till date, she has won prizes for drawing, colouring and academic proficiency. Pictures, drawn by her, have also appeared in the Times of India – Mirror. In a nutshell, she is a very talented girl and by God’s grace, I hope she remains the same way (I know she will).

We always thank God for the lovely gift he has given us, after so many years of hardship and waiting for a child. We are truly blessed and it is sheer luck to get a child like her.

One big drawback is that, till date, we have not informed her that she is an adopted child. After a certain age, I would like to tell her but, my husband is of the opinion that we should not. Anyway, as the years go by, we will see what to do. If God has helped us, he will take us through this phase too.

I would like to end by saying ‘Encourage adoption, give life to a child, especially a girl child and see the immense happiness and blessings you will get’.  We are truly blessed to have adopted this girl child.

Author’s name withheld on request

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