How do children enter the adoption system?

In most cases, children who are up for adoption are surrendered by their birth parents. This happens due to a number of reasons as are mentioned below:

  1. The child was born out of wedlock
  2. The child was born as a result of a non-consensual relationship
  3. The child was born with a congenital deformity or serious health condition and the parents are unable to care for the child
  4. One of the parents is dead and the other does not have the ability to bring up a child as a single parent
  5. Due to financial, social or emotional constraints, the parents are unable to care for the child

In some cases, orphans are put up for adoption since there is no one to look after them or the family does not have the ability to do so.

Children could also enter the system as a result of being lost or abandoned. In such cases, all efforts are made to reunite the child with their parents through intensive search processes through various mediums such as manual searches and mass media.

One must keep in mind that a child enters the adoption system only after all efforts to rehabilitate the child in his or her own environment have gone in vain. The child becomes legally free only after the Child Welfare Committee certifies this.

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