Please feel free to write to us about the doubts that you have in your mind or clarifications that you may need in connection with adoption. Our address is connectedwithlove@gmail.com.

It is our endeavour to provide the most suitable answers that will help ease your apprehensions as well as provide a clear picture of adoptions in India. If you would like us to maintain confidentiality, we will do so.

  1. What is CARA?
  2. Who can adopt a child?
  3. Who should I approach?
  4. Can we adopt in spite of having a biological child? 
  5. Can I adopt a child as a single parent?
  6. How do children enter the adoption system?
  7. Is there an age limit for prospective adoptive parents?
  8. What are the rules with regard to the child?
  9. What are the rules with regard to children with special needs? 
  10. What is the order of priority when placing children?



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