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A. Important Aspects

Q1. What is CARA?

Q2. How do children enter the adoption system? 

Q3. Who can adopt a child?

Q4. What are the rules with regard to the child? 

Q5. What are the rules with regard to children with special needs? 

Q6. What is the order of priority when it comes to placing children? 

B. Prospective Adoptive Parents: 

Q1. We are thinking of adopting a child. Who should we approach?

Q2.  Can we adopt in spite of having a biological child?

Q3. Can I adopt as a single parent? 

Q4. Can I/we adopt a child of the same gender as our first child? 

Q5. I/we have three children. Can I/we adopt another child? 

Q6. How long does the adoption process take? 

Q7. Is it necessary to attend a pre-adoption workshop? 

Q8. Am I allowed to take my prospective baby to my own pediatrician for a medical checkup?

Q9. Is there an age limit for prospective adoptive parents? 

Q10. Why can’t we get a newborn child?

Q11. What is the cost involved in the adoption process? 

Q12. Who should I/we tell about the decision to adopt? 

Q13. What should I/we tell people about the decision? 

Q14. How should I/we tell people about the decision? 

C. Adoptive Parents/Families:

Q1. Do I have to tell my child that h/she is adopted?

Q2. My baby seems to be uncomfortable around males. Why is it so?

Q3. Will our adopted child be allowed to meet his or her biological parents? 

D. Soul Children:

Q1. Can I meet my biological parents? 

E. Birth Mothers / Families:




One Comment:

  1. michelle fernandez

    i am a teacher in a private school in Mumbai. I would like guidance about the adoption leave laws so that i may approach the management at my school when the time comes as we have just registered for adoption and are in the process of getting things set.
    i have come across laws for government officials who adopt but nothing that covers the private sector schools.

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