It is but natural for individuals to have a number of queries with regard to adoption. Therefore, this section of SoulChild attempts to satisfy the curiosity that revolves around adoption.

For the sake of convenience, we have divided the questions into four different parts addressing queries specifically asked by Prospective Adoptive Parents, Adoptive Parents / Families, Soul Children and Birth Mothers / Families.

Each section has a page listing all the frequently asked questions along with their answers. In addition, we have also provided individual pages addressing each query separately.

Please feel free to post the doubts that you have in your mind or clarifications that you may need in connection with adoption. If you would like us to maintain confidentiality, you may email your queries to connectedwithlove@gmail.com and we will ensure that secrecy is maintained.

It is our endeavour to provide the most suitable answers that will help ease your apprehensions as well as provide a clear picture about adoptions in India.

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