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SOFOSH (Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospitals) ( for being our support and constant source of motivation.

soSOFOSH has been working with adoption since its child care centre, “Shreevatsa” was established in 1973. SOFOSH strives to place each family-deprived child in adoption to alternative families who are committed to fulfilling their emotional and physical needs. All adoptions are done through the court, following the due processes of the law & guidelines laid down by the Government.

SOFOSH endeavors to place most of its children into adoption with Indian families, as children are best transplanted within their own cultural milieu. However, they do place children with well-motivated families, living abroad, through Accredited Foreign Adoption Agencies (AFAAs) who are licensed and recognized by the Government of India, following the principles of the Hague Convention of 1993 and the Supreme Court Judgment of writ petition 1711 of 1982, L.K. Pande Vs Union of India as well as the CARA Guidelines Governing the Adoption of children.

SOFOSH has been a pioneer in the field of child care and adoption and the professionally qualified and experienced social work staff of SOFOSH are committed and dedicated to the cause.

Watch the video – A Day in Shreevatsa

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