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about usIn 2010, we, Ashley & Petronella, brought home our beautiful baby girl, our soul child – Lisa Marie.

2013 saw the arrival of our very mischievous soul child – Aedyn Ashley.

Today, when we look back at the beginning, we remember being really confused and having had a large number of questions during the process, with no place to turn to for the right answers. This made the process seem longer and more difficult than it actually was.

Having experienced this, we felt the need for a source, mainly highlighting the adoption scenario in India, which would ease the stress that adoptive parents face. We then thought, ‘What better way to do this other than through a website for the purpose?’ This gave birth to www.soulchild.in

Further thought led to the decision that the site didn’t have to be limited to just adoptive parents but could also serve as a platform for adoptive families, soul children as well as birth parents to find answers to many unanswered questions as well as share their experiences.

Thus, with SoulChild, we hope that the sharing of life experiences will benefit society, as a whole, with our main aim being to help adoptive families as well as soul children, deal with and understand the various aspects of adoption better. We do hope that birth parents, too, will find some form of closure through this website.

We also hope to develop a support system that will help increase the success rate of adoptions, right from the decision stage. Encouraging people to adopt as well as speak openly about adoption are also a part of the plan.

We sincerely appreciate the support we receive, especially from SOFOSH – the adoption agency who united us with our soul children and SPARCC, Pune which continues to support us in our journey.


SoulChild is dedicated to our children – Lisa Marie Eates and Aedyn Ashley Eates


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