Reasons for Adoption

– Petronella Eates

reasonsFor most individuals who decide on adopting a baby, the decision usually blooms as a result of an inability to conceive a child biologically, an inability to carry a baby to term or due to the knowledge of chances of serious genetic deformities in the offspring. The loss of a child at a later stage, after birth, could also influence one’s decision to adopt. Such experiences generally leave a feeling of inadequacy and with it, an uncontrollable longing to have a child.

Most couples consider adoption as a last resort after having gone through a number of medical procedures and it is rather rare when one decides to go ahead with adoption without having considered means of having a biological child.

Nevertheless, there are a few couples who choose adoption in spite of having no problems that hamper their ability to have a biological child and there are some who opt for adopted children in spite of having biological children.

Whatever the reason, it is essential for adoptive parents and families to actually ‘want’ the baby to be a part of their lives. Soul children have an identity of their own and can never take the place of a lost child. Similarly, adoptionĀ is notĀ an act of charity and ‘We will be able to give the child a better life’ cannot be the only intention behind taking this step neither can ‘Our biological child will not be lonely anymore’ or ‘We will have someone to look after us when we grow old’ be the foundation of a successful adoptive relationship.

Unconditional love and a strong desire to connect with your soul child are essential factors in this case.



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